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About us

“The Yugantar International School, is a unique combination of experienced Educationists, Qualified & trained Teachers and Corporate Managers.It strives to achieve the objectives of the organization via continuous research, introduction of latest training methodologies and follow-ups to ensure adherence to set guidelines.”

We are passionate about learning in every sense and match our clear focus on mathematical skill, equal command over both the language (English & Hindi), sportsmanship, academic, social, sporting, moral and cultural opportunities. After “Imparting quality education with techno logical excellence", we endeavour to promote a classroom of thinkers who would have the courage and conviction to lead the world with their astute, insight, competency,calibre and impeccable values.

Our Curriculum is technically designed for all types of student community.We encourage students to be tolerant and respectful of others and to become responsible citizens of the nation.”

Our Vision

To impart knowledge and educate children in every best possible manner we can so that, they can be confident and potentially developed.

Children are active learners and not passive absorbers of information. Teachers are facilitators, guides and not mere sources of information. Parents are goal setters and resources, not outsiders and uninvolved. School learning is challenging, enjoyable and rewarding - and not a task to be endured. Each child is unique and therefore we need to create environment to nurture each child. For education spiritual aspects are important. (SQ i.e. Spiritual Quotient is as important as IQ and SQ i.e. Social Quotient.) Also values, ethics and character are as important if not more as academics

• To provide quality education to every student admitted.
• To help the students grow in an atmosphere of love, acceptance of one another and of generous mutual sharing.
• To develop friendly relations with the neighborhood through methods encouraging all to participate and contribute their share for the all-round development of society.
• To impart to the students an all-round education, moral, academic, social and physical - based on high moral principles and ideals with deep love and faith in God.
• To encourage among the student’s friendly co-operation, team spirit & solidarity; and to firmly discourage any kind of selfishness and egoistic competition.
• Before leaving the school to make the students well qualified, ready to face the challenges of life, willingly serve the country and live harmoniously with all people.
• To inculcate among student’s sincere respect for parents & elders, teachers, office staff & co-workers and readiness to obey & serve them.